Online intuitive painting session w/Live Art Club

I got invited to host an intuitive painting session online with Live Art Club. That would take me out of my comfort zone (specially because it was in German) and of course I accepted. During one hour time we did three different exercises to discover more about ourselves and had the intention of losing the fear of drawing/ painting something that is not meeting our expectations. 

It is very rewarding to see how people learn to let go. Intuitive painting is about listening to what you feel like doing without trying to justify anything. Do I feel like painting the eyes of this animal red? Let's do it. Do I want to paint myself with three eyes? Why not? There are no rules, it is about learning to flow. 

The exercises are very fun and will definitely take you from your comfort zone. The most important here is to have fun and ask yourself later why did you take the decisions you made. Maybe you find some interesting answers to things you would have never realised. 


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