My journey starts as a child. I was a very shy and quiet child and always turned red if I had to talk to strangers but my grandfather knew that through art I was able to express what otherwise could not come out of me. He started collecting all my drawings when I was three years old and envisioned my path as an artist. 

I started attending drawing lessons when I was very little and I still remember going through different painting techniques like pencil, charcoal, pastel and oil from scratch. I finished my first oil painting when I was 12. 


Unfortunately, as I got older I completely turned my back on art in order to have time to study for college. Being an artist was not an option at that time because of the pressure of society. I had  to make use of my skills for something more useful than artistic expression. Such a terrible misunderstanding. 



But art is your friend and it always comes back to remind you that it is there in the moments you need it the most. And so it came back into my life on countless occasions to comfort me when there were gaps.

During my university years in London I attended art classes at Central Saint Martins College Of Art and Design. Combining studies with bar work was already too exhausting and I dropped off. However I started attending weekly live drawing classes where nude models posed for us and thus began my passion for the figure of the human body.

When I moved to Germany in 2012 I started creating sketchbook diaries in which I wrote and illustrated everything that caught my attention of my new life in a different country. It's a very fun practice because it makes you more attentive to your surroundings and connects you with everything new which awakens your curiosity again.


Serendipity made me meet years later someone who would completely transform my life. Danilo Maldonado Machado became my art teacher from day to night and took me to his studio in Miami. He made me observe his world, follow his path and made me understand art in a very deep way, as I had never experienced it before: Art as a tool for freedom, art as a movement to change people’s lives. 

My mission is to use art as a powerful tool to channel energies, to empower others to see what they are unable to see and to teach those who have not yet known the power of art to discover it for themselves. When I am in front of a white paper I tune in and let my gut feeling guide me. When I am in this meditative state my emotions take unexpected shape. I feel colors and then I let go...



Sabela is currently collaborating with the Millerntor Gallery and has hosted two solo expos in Hamburg since 2019. She has also worked for international companies like WeWork painting murals in their buildings and participated in international events like Skate & Create in Cape Town.